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2012.11 Data Logger Notebook

Temperature and relative humidity are important parameters for the indoor climate both in our private homes and especially in research labs. The task of continuously monitoring the temperature and humidity is easily done using a data logger.

Such data loggers are for example available from Lascar Electronics. One specific data logger is the EL-USB-2. It's fairly inexpensive, but doesn't have a very high accuracy. However, it's sufficient for everyday applications. The logged data may be stored in plain comma-separated value (CSV) files and these are easily displayed in various spreadsheet programs.


Displaying the raw data may be fine for some purposes, but for other it may be more appropriate to look for temperature and humidity changes during a full day - e.g. how does the temperature on average change during the day.

I've made a Mathematica notebook that reads the CSV data files from the data logger, handles the data and performs statistical analysis of the temperature and humidity data for variations over the course of the full day. The results are visualized in three graphs containing the,

  1. raw data with moving average
  2. temperature variations during the day
  3. humidity variations during the day

Running the notebook on some example data produces these results,

The result of running the notebook on example data

The example data may be found here.

The Mathematica (v8) notebook may be found here.