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2008.10 Timelog::Manip

Timelog::Manip is a object oriented perl module that reads and manipulates the plain text files written by the Timelog software.



The module is written in perl (version 5.8.8) and utilise only the following module,

  • Date::Manip (version 5.54)

Timelog::Manip is only tested with these versions, but may very well run fine with other versions.


The Timelog::Manip may be installed running the following commands,

perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

Note: make sure to run the last command with administrative rights (either as root or using sudo).


The documentation may be seen by running the command (post installation),

perldoc Timelog::Manip

Prior to installation perldoc may be run directly on the module itself,

perldoc Timelog-Manip/lib/Timelog/Manip.pm


Additional software.


Timelog-Report is a perl program using Timelog::Manip to show the time usage from a timelog file grouped by either date, week, month or year.

Download: Timelog-report