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This blog contains my thoughts on certain topics and an introduction of the notes I've posted here.

I hope you'll find them useful.


Added a small how-to note on getting the Spartan 3E starter kit board up and running for analog signal processing.


Posted a small note on temperature and humidity data loggers and some thoughts on how to statistically treat the data. Read more here.

  • Added a short note on 3D numerical simulation of electromagnetic fields in optical waveguide structures using Meep - a freely available solver for Maxwell's equations. See more here.
  • Added a short description on how to model so-called homodyne measurements of squeezed coherent states in Quantum Optics using a point generator based on the correct probability distribution function. Read more here.

Fixed minor bugs in the shell script irsync.


Wrote a simple podcatcher in perl - called plPodder - to handle downloading files of XML podcast feeds. It runs on linux, windows and even on QNAP NAS servers.


The last six months I've been using Dexpot to have multiple desktops on Windows. In my mind, it must be the single most important extension to Windows. I simply go nuts having to minimize and maximize windows all the time - so thumbs up to Dexpot from here!


Updated the shell script irsync. Added support for multiple backups per day and a feature to make irsync use RSYNC exclude patterns.


Wrote a very simple Linux Shell script, called irsync, for doing incremental backup using the open-source utility RSYNC. It automatically decides whether to do a full or an incremental backup based on the number of days since last full backup.


Have recently been focused on making and testing an optical shutter using the coil-driven arm in a laptop harddrive. The shutter is relatively fast, cheap and easy to make.


Finally got around to finish the construction of the optical table frame with wooden boards on top. This frame is supposed to carry all the experimental control-equipment so it's not standing on the floor or on the optical table.